Lesson #2: The Audio: “My Personal Story”

The last thing I ever expected when I left medical school at Columbus, Ohio to complete my internship in Baltimore, Maryland was that I would become ill and depressed. I always considered myself to be a very positive thinker, upbeat and optimistic -- but wow, was I in for a surprise. None of us are immune from the stresses of life and we are all susceptible to becoming ill from extraordinary stresses. This is my story of how I became ill and used that painful time in my life to rediscover a sense of purpose and meaning in life.


  • My Personal Story: Audio MP3
    My Personal Story: Audio MP3

    In this inspirational audio program, I will share with you my very personal story about how I used the powerful tool of journaling to overcome my own personal depression. I will reveal to you exactly how journaling helped to lead me out of the darkness I experienced and back into the light. Lastly, you will learn how journaling helped me to achieve a new-found peace of mind and fulfillment by re-discovering a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in my life.